Do you have more tasks to complete each week than there are hours to complete them?  

We can help, we take all the energy draining tasks out of your hands and into ours!

Contract Work / Out Sourcing

Much like virtual assistance however you are guaranteed your hours monthly or weekly for frequent work - pay a monthly subscription and have the work completed off site! 

A dedicated contractor with all the time you don't have, only pay for time you need to complete your tasks - don't pay someone when you don't need them.

The most productive hours money can buy!

We're here. we're waiting, we're dedicated and reliable. Get in touch now

System Maintenance & Process Tuning

Are your systems stale? 

Do you ever think technology has not made things a whole lot easier? 

Maybe times have changed an your processes haven’t quite kept up, don’t worry this is extremely common, in a world that is forever changing keeping our daily, weekly or monthly structure the same is common which can create more work than, this is where Elixr can help, we provide one on one system remedies and action!

New eyes, can see things in new ways.

Virtual Assistance

Do you simply run out of time to get everything done each month or week? What if I told you hire another person isn’t the answer and there’s a better option? Well there is imagine only having to pay someone when they are actually WORKING for you, no sick leave, no holidays just hours they work for you. 

 Does this sound like something you may benefit from?  Get in touch and tell me what jobs you’d like to offload and their frequency and I can let you know how we can help – what are you waiting for?

Problem Solving

A problem for us screams challenge, creativity & fulfillment. When you bring us your problem big or small we will happily do our best to find solutions that meets your needs. More than often we even have several solutions for your problem. 

Your issue may be related to almost anything business related from work load to packaging we are happy to help with your problem.

Our job is to fix things and make things easier and more productive for you.

Data Collation & Data Entry

We love numbers and putting data together, sometimes just because just haven't had time to do it and sometimes to find the answer to a question or problem. 

If you have a data or research task big or small we're here to help or at least give it a go, we know we cant' do everything but we love data, numbers and problems so why not give us a go..

With a love for numbers & problems we're here to put your numbers together and get your the number you've been looking for!

Administration & Compliance Tasks

We know this stuff probably isnt the most exciting tasks in your diary, and more than likely you'd be much better off to pay someone to do these tasks anyway.

So why not make the most of us and use your energy doing tasks you enjoy and can add value to your business by doing so, you'll be a lot more productive by only doing the tasks you love because you won't have to waste time thinking about how to attack those tasks you hate and suddenly you'll have more time to do what you enjoy.


       We consistently use Steph at Adashiko as part of our behind the scene innovative team.  We love the way she thinks out side the box and researches our ideas always coming back to us with the most cost effective options, even including ideas that we haven’t even considered.  

We would be lost without Steph as she is our problem solver throughout all aspects/avenues of Adashiko and recommend her services wholeheartedly.

Our Services

Process Tuning & Systems Maintenance

Each package is designed to meet your requirements no job to big or too  small, each package is individual & includes minimum 1 hour in house consultation, recommendations & implementation plan with follow-ups

Packages starting at $350

Contracted Virtual Assistance/Outsourcing

Set hours per week or month, no stress, no fuss get the job done packages.

Types of work include, Website Management, Mailchimp and other CRM tools as well as IRD compliance

Starting at: $45 per hour 

On Call Virtual Assistance/Outsourcing

For those wanting to see if this is something that can work for them with no initial ongoing commitment

For when there's a spanner in the works and you need something done now! 

$65 per hour

Elixr Solutions
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