How do our services work?

We work remotely for you, we receive your request for some work to be completed, agree or decline, set a deadline, receive any documents or information required to complete the work and boom we do the work - no holiday pay, no breaks, only pay for the time we need to complete the task! 

How about confidentiality? 

We complete agreement with you which includes the exclusion of working with completing businesses during the duration of your work, we also agree to complete all work tasks by us unless otherwise stated. We pride yourself in being trustworthy & confidential to all clients big or small .

You can be confident that your information is secure with us. 

I have one small task I can't find the time for can you complete one off tasks? 

Yes of course, we do not want anyone to feel like their job is too big or too small, we are happy to complete one off tasks or as you need a hand with something - rates are slightly higher for one off contracts. 

What kinds of work can you complete? 

We can complete a huge array of work, from Shopping Cart Administration, Packing Orders to Typing a Word Document. If we just need a phone computer & time we can help! 

What types of work have you completed in the last 12 months? 

In the last 12 months I have completed the following tasks for businesses that have outsourced to me: Alibaba Sourcing, Problem Solving, Product Design, Packaging Solutions, Typing, Event Co-Ordination, Invoicing.

I have experience in a extremely broad range of topics and always looking for a new challenge.

Recently started a business? We can help you get online for around $500!

We can even sell you the domain name and you can have you site hosts by us! We offer website packages that start from around $500 for domain name and single page set up. Get in touch and let us know exactly what you want to create. 

The costs involved in website are Hosting usually $100 - $350 per year, Domain Name around $30 per year & the Site Build also of which we can now offer right here at Elixr Solutions! 

What is involved in System Tuning & Process Maintenance? 

We turn up to your work space, take a look at your current systems, ways and processes - get some details from you -and complete a System Tuning & Process Maintenance Programme for you we design each one individual to the company and the wants and needs of the client.

We find that a lot of business are not changing their ways with times as they could be and often people are working much harder than they need to be, if you think "work smarter not harder" should be your caption of the year get in touch. 

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